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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Here at Invigo Coffees, we believe in high-quality coffee capsules without any form of compromise. For most people, a cup of coffee is an important part of the day. Some people start out their days with a cup of coffee that gives them a chance to reflect and recalibrate for the day ahead.

That’s not all. Espresso capsules and coffee pods find usage everywhere. On an average day, it is the focal point of convergence for most friends, co-workers and families. As such, a well-blended cup made with the best espresso capsules can be a source of stress release, a chance to take a pause from the rigours of the day.

Summarily, quality coffee is a significant part of the culture in Canada. Invigo Coffee was created to improve this culture. As coffee lovers ourselves, we are fully committed to making espresso capsules and coffee pods that deliver new experiences.

For years now, we have continuously worked to finetune and optimize our manufacturing process to result in the best blends of coffee pods. This passion for making the best coffee pods in Canada is the Invigo story. We sell coffee capsules that are borne out of a natural passion and love for the taste of well-made coffee.


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Memories In Every Cup

We offer our customers in Canada the chance to enjoy different blends of coffee capsules. Whether you have a taste for bitter espresso capsules or fruity coffee pods, we sell different products that will satisfy your taste.

Each blend is the result of years of rigorous research. This research is paired with quality assurance and testing to make sure that we exceed our lofty self-appointed standards of coffee excellence.

Our different blends of coffee pods vary in composition. However, our expertise and experience mean that we know how to combine different coffee bean blends to deliver the finest tastes. This selection process is combined with a first-class roasting step that maximizes every flavour and taste to the highest possible potential.

The result? We make coffee capsules that taste and smell superior. More importantly, we package and deliver them fresh and intact.

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