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The best coffee beans come from a plant ‘Coffea Arabica’ that needs to be grown in optimal conditions. Here at Invigo, our coffee capsules are made from plants that are grown in areas with high humidity, cool temperatures, slightly acidic soil and good drainage. Also, the best espresso capsules come from plants that are grown in an area with dappled sunlight light. Here at Invigo Coffee, our coffee capsules are made using beans from locations that boast the conditions mentioned above. Colombia Colombia has a diverse microclimate that can be harnessed to manufacture different unique flavour profiles of espresso pods. Additionally, Colombia has two different harvest seasons. This means that we enjoy the finest selections of coffee beans all year round. Do you love the fruity notes in our products? This is a credit to the fine selection of cherries we select from Colombia. Colombian coffee beans, when combined with our exquisite roasting process, delivers a taste that is just like fresh fruit. Therefore, you can enjoy coffee capsules that provide a juicy flavour that is unmatched. Guatemala Guatemala is home to the finest blends of coffee beans in Central America. At Invigo, we are fully committed to making the compromises that will provide you with absolute delight in every cup. The coffee beans that we hand pick in Guatemala offer a sweet balance that is combined with full flavour. The coffee beans in Guatemala are mostly grown in a mountainous area. Therefore, espresso capsules that are made with Guatemala coffee beans deliver an intense, tart taste influenced by the presence of heavy, ocean winds. Costa Rica Costa Rica coffee beans deliver the classic taste. This is why our experts take the time to select high-quality coffee beans from this area. Coffee pods made from Costa Rica offer a balanced, well-rounded feel to the taste. Coffee plants in Costa Rica are grown on volcanic soils that provide it with a smooth, soft, walnut flavour. Ethiopia Ethiopia is sometimes referred to as the birthplace of Coffeea Arabica. Coffee plants have been growing in Ethiopia for over a millennium now. Even at that, it is hard to find coffee pods that taste better than those made with beans from Ethiopia. Espresso capsules made with Ethiopian coffee beans have sweet fruity notes and a floral aroma that is hard to beat. Depending on the climatic condition where the plant is grown, you may enjoy coffee beans with a natural spicy flavour.

Coffee Capsules
With an Unbeatable Taste

The espresso capsules that we sell are of the highest quality. Not all coffee pods taste the same way. There are numerous flavour profiles and unique characteristics that can leave you with different tastes. High-quality coffee capsules offer a taste that is complex yet refined. At Invigo, we know how to balance these characteristics to deliver sweetness, acidity and bitterness all in one sip. Our amazing coffee pods will leave you with a balanced taste. You don’t have to worry about it tasting overly sweet, acidic or butter. Our Invigo coffee capsules are not bland. Instead, you can enjoy a complex, nuanced flavour that will tantalize your senses. Every single coffee bean that is transformed into our espresso capsules goes through a rigorous selection process. We want our consumers to enjoy a memorable experience with every taste. As such, we perform efficient quality assurance checks to ensure that we are only using the best tasting coffee beans. That’s not all. Our coffee pods and capsules are also made using the latest in grinding and roasting tech. We use innovative equipment and technique to ensure that our products are of the highest quality! Here at Invigo Coffee, we have something for everybody. Are you a seasoned coffee drinker with a taste for the classic sensibilities of coffee? Perhaps, you want bitter coffee with an intense, rich flavour. Our expert production team has taken the time to develop different blends of coffee pods - each with its own unique aroma, flavour and taste. Shop our espresso capsules today!


We Make Countless Uncompromising
Choices That Go Into Every Cup

We believe that coffee pods and espresso capsules can provide absolute pleasure.As such, the Invigo manufacturing process is fully optimized to provide customers with pure coffee bliss. The key is in the aroma. All Invigo coffee capsules offer drinkers the opportunity to enjoy a deep, intense aroma that will captivate every sense and feeling. Whether you are enjoying Invigo coffee pods in your home, office or while travelling, you can expect a captivating taste. The Invigo signature is a smooth balance of flavour. This is a result of the way we strive for excellence in making espresso capsules and coffee pods. Invigo is proud of its special bean to coffee cup journey and the expertise that goes into it. It all starts with nature. Our coffee is grown in the bean belt, an area that enjoys abundant rainfall and warm temperatures. With every harvest season, our experts travel through the world, selecting the finest coffee beans in Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Costa Rica. We are consistently innovating to satisfy you. From time to time, we research to find new farms and locations that will provide the best quality coffee beans. Every single bean that is turned into coffee capsules is handpicked.


Serving With
The Best Quality Coffee

This way, we can guarantee that only ripe, sweet-tasting coffee is transformed into espresso capsules and coffee pods. Invigo Coffee is home to different flavours of espresso capsules. As such, we use different methods to transform hand-picked cherry to green coffee. For coffee pods with fruity notes, we use the wet method. On the other hand, the dry method is strictly used for sweeter variants of coffee pods. The best coffee pods offer drinkers a unique blend. Here at Invigo, we select and combine coffee beans using a unique process that identifies top-notch aroma, finesse and one-in-a-kind after taste. Our roasting and grinding process is finetuned to produce the best blends of coffee capsules. This process is handled by highly experienced experts that know how to bring out the bitterness, acidity, full taste and aromatic notes in our espresso capsules. Down to the packaging of espresso capsules, we strive for excellence. Our uncompromising attitude to making coffee capsules is why you can expect wholesome pleasure from every cup made with Invigo coffee pods. Nothing is left to chance. Every single step of our manufacturing and packaging process is carried out with care and a commitment to making the highest quality coffee pods. Check through our selection of espresso capsules today.